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We are here to listen, understand and support you.

This is how we can help:



Hunter Women’s Centre can’t provide accommodation, welfare, financial assistance or legal advice. If you require these services, the information on our Resources and Emergency Contacts may be useful.

If we can’t provide you the assistance you require, we will always do our best to give information about other services in the Hunter region that may be right for you.



Hunter Women’s Centre provides a client centred, strengths based and trauma informed counselling service to women. Qualified and experienced counsellors use a number of evidence based therapies, matching therapies to a woman’s individual needs, preferences and personality to achieve improved health and personal growth by:

  • Assisting women to identify issues

  • Supporting emotional healing

  • Enhancing physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing

  • Empowering decision making

Our individual counselling services are confidential and provided by qualified, experience, caring and compassionate staff.

Counselling is held at our centre in Mayfield. Hunter Women’s Centre also provides fortnightly counselling at our partner venues located at Woodbury Family Centre and Raymond Terrace Neighbourhood Centre to enable easier access for isolated women.

Reasons you may need counselling:

  • Domestic and Family Violence

  • Depression

  • Grief and loss

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Relationship problems

  • Trauma

  • Childhood abuse

  • Self-esteem issues

  • Needing direction

  • Parenting struggles

  • Life transitions and changes - birth, death, miscarriage, separation, chronic illness

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your information is kept securely and your right to privacy is respected. Learn more about how we care for your rights from our Clients Rights and Responsibilities Information Sheet.

Do women need a referral?

No, referrals from a GP are not necessary.

How to make an appointment

Phone the centre on 02 49682511 for further details.

What if women can’t attend their appointment?

 We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to attend appointments due to either sickness or family matters. Please notify us as soon as possible on 4968 2511 if you will be either late or unable to attend an appointment. Twenty-four hour notice of cancellation allows us to use the time for others.

Hunter Women’s Centre is not a crisis service and so counselling is by appointment. When you call us for counselling, the process for Intake will be explained to you. Usually there is a short waiting period before an appointment can be made for you. If we can’t help you, we will offer contact information for other services.

When clients are able to contribute and are safe to do so, we welcome contributions for counselling of up to $20.


Counselling Intake Process

 The demand for counselling is often beyond the current resources of the Centre and wait times can sometimes be lengthy. When we do not have capacity to take on new clients immediately, referrals are made to other services, or Intake for Referral only may be considered as an option.

Our priority is to ensure that clients always receive the most appropriate service for their needs in the most timely manner.

The counselling process is more valuable when regular sessions are attended. The frequency of counselling sessions varies depending on each client and their situation such as weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. This can be re-negotiated between you and your Counsellor as needed.


Groups and Workshops

The Hunter Women’s Centre offers a variety of groups and workshops throughout the year that are designed to provide resources, support, information and strategies to support women in addressing issues that might be impacting on their lives. Groups and workshops provide an environment where women can share common experiences and  bring about positive change in their lives. The program changes each term and  includes topics such as  Domestic Violence, Self Esteem, Communication and Assertiveness and Personal Boundaries.


Workshops are held in various locations throughout the Hunter region. For further details on the Centre's current term program and flyers for the individual groups and workshops, including locations and costs, please click on the links below. 


 Community and Corporate Education

The Hunter Women’s Centre conducts community education sessions for schools, tertiary institutions, community groups and organisations. Presentations provide an overview of Hunter Women's Centre services and issues faced by women including domestic violence and abuse. Please contact us for more details.