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Hunter Region Working Women’s Group

Hunter Region Working Women’s Group (HRWWG) is a charity, not-for-profit organisation in the Hunter and has been in operation for well over 40 years. The HRWWG are the governing body for its two businesses, Hunter Women’s Centre and Hunter Early Childhood Centre. The mission of the Hunter Region Working Women’s Group, is to support and empower women within the Hunter Region.

Board of directors

HRWWG is managed by a board of directors, are all women from the Hunter who volunteer their time, who are passionate about the vision and purpose of supporting fellow women in our community. The board of directors are all dedicated professionals from a range of backgrounds, who bring a wide range of experience and understanding to the organisation.

The board of directors work with the services management to support, guide and mentor teams, maintain governance and compliance and ensure that the services are maintaining the vision of the overall organisation. The HRWWG board and the service managers meet on the last Thursday of each month, in the meeting room within Hunter Women’s Centre.

Media enquiries directly relating to HRWWG or other enquiries, can be forwarded to the following contact:




Our partnering organisation, Hunter Early Childhood Centre is located directly next door to the Hunter Women’s Centre on Industrial Drive. HECC is a community based and a not-for-profit childcare centre, that caters for children aged 6weeks to 6years. The centre operates Monday to Friday, 7am - 6pm, 50 weeks each year.

HECC has permanent and flexible childcare options for families to access quality education and care at a low cost and a solution that matches your needs. For more information you can contact the centre from the following details:


Phone: (02) 49674991